Five new publications on nitrogen


There are five new publications on nitrogen on LIAISE


Granath, Gustaf; Limpens, Juul; Posch, Maximilian; Mücher, Sander; de Vries, Wim (2014) Spatio-temporal trends of nitrogen deposition and climate effects on Sphagnum productivitiy in European peatlands. Can be found here

de Vries, Wim; Du, Enzai; Butterbach-Bahl, Klaus (2014) Short and long-term impacts of nitrogen deposition on carbon sequestration by forest ecosystems. Can be found here

Erisman, Jan Willem; Galloway, James N.; Seitzinger, Sybil; Bleeker, Albert; Dise, Nancy B.; Petrescu, A.M. Roxana; Leach, Allison M.; de Vries, Wim (2013) Consequences of human modification of the global nitrogen cycle. Can be found here

De Vries, Wim; Kros, Johannes; Kroeze, Caroline; Seitzinger, Sybil P. (2013) Assessing planetary and regional nitrogen boundaries related to food security and adverse environmental impacts. Can be found here

Kros, Johannes; Gies, Theodorus J.A.; Voogd, Jan Cees H.; de Vries, Wim (2013) Efficiency of agricultural measures to reduce nitrogen deposition in Natura 2000 sites. Can be found here