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Sector-specific impacts


This key question is concerned with assessing the likely impacts on specific sectors of the economy entailed by the considered policy option; climate change policy, with its implications for the energy sector and for energy intensive sectors, is but one example. Such concerns are related not only with matters of principle (fairness of treatment and fair sharing of the burden entailed by policy) but also with such fundamental issues as international competitiveness: European business and industry face a constant challenge to remain competitive, to keep up with technology, and with the pace of growth in competing countries. Meeting the challenge successfully is essential for sustainable growth and for our greater prosperity.

Guiding Question

Does the option have significant effects on certain sectors?

Relevant Policies

Under Article 173 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU), the European Union (EU) has set itself the goal of creating the best possible conditions for competitiveness.


DG Enterprise and Industry:

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Further Sources of Data

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Further Sources of Information

Activities of the European Union: Enterprise
Activities of the European Union: Information Society
Productivity and long term growth

Eurostat Indicators

The following Eurostat Industry, Trade and Services Indicators (Information society statistics) are relevant in the context of this key question:
- ICT expenditure by type of product
- Share of enterprises' turnover on e-commerce
- Price of telecommunications by type of call  
- Market share of the incumbent in fixed telecommunications by types of call
- Market share of the leading operator in mobile telecommunication
The following Eurostat Energy Indicators are relevant in the context of this key question:
- Electricity prices for industrial consumers
- Electricity prices for household consumers
- Gas prices for industrial consumers
- Gas prices for household consumers
- Market share of the largest generator in the electricity market
- Total and sectoral/ad hoc state aid
- Convergence of interest rates by type of loan
- Market integration by type of trade activities
- Market integration: Foreign Direct Investment intensity

Other Official Indicator

STAN indicators:

Publications and applications

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