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Natural resources

Quotation: Stefan Werland (2013): Introduction to the environmental Impact Area Natural Resources:


The use and transformation of natural resources is the basis for economic activty. Resources are used as input factors and as sinks that absorb emissions.

While the economy is dependent on secure supply of raw materials, the expoitation and use of resources generates environmental and social impacts. These can occur on the global level (climate change) or on the local and regional level (e.g. conatmination of soil or the loss of primary forests). The extent of our current resource use partly exceeds planetary boundaries and endangers the chances of future generations to have their fair share of resources. Rising demand from emerging economies aggravates this situation. Since industrialised countries increasingly re-locate the exploitation of resources (and the disposal of end of life products) to developing countries it is important to use a life cycle perspective for assessing the impacts of resource use.

This impact area is further specified by the taxonomy terms: Use of Renewable Resources and Use of Non-Renewable Resources.

Relevant Policies

A resource-efficient Europe – Flagship initiative of the Europe 2020 Strategy provides a long-term framework for actions in many policy areas of climate change, energy, transport, industry, raw materials, agriculture, fisheries, biodiversity and regional development.
The objective of the "Thematic Strategy on the Sustainable Use of Natural Resources", which is following the provisions of the Sixth Environment Action Programme, is to reduce the environmental impacts associated with resource use in a growing economy.
The EU has adopted a wide range of policy measures to regulate the use of renewable and non-renewable resources, including detailed regulation and policy programmes on the sustainable use of natural resources, raw materials, waste management, integrated product policy, etc.
This text is for information only and is not designed to interpret or replace any reference documents.

Legal basis for the Commission to act

According to Article 194 (Energy) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, the Union policy on energy shall aim, in a spirit of solidarity between Member States, inter alia, to promote energy efficiency and energy saving and the development of new and renewable forms of energy.

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Further sources of information

UNEP International Resource Panel: Draft IRP Glossary




Related Terms

Use of Renewable Resources

Use of Non-Renewable Resources.

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