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A balanced appraisal? Impact assessment of European Commission proposals Practice
A comparative analysis of Regulatory Impact Assessment in ten EU countries Practice
A critical review of reductionist approaches for assessing the progress towards sustainability Practice
A DEA approach for estimating the agricultural energy and environmental efficiency of EU countries Practice
A decision support for an integrated multi-scale analysis of irrigation: DSIRR Practice
A decision support tool for simulating the effects of alternative policies affecting water resources: an application at the European scale, Practice
A framework for clarifying the meaning of Triple Bottom-Line, Integrated, and Sustainability Assessment Practice
A framework for monitoring landscape functions: The Saxon Academy Landscape Monitoring Approach (SALMA), exemplified by soil investigations in the Kleine Spree floodplain (Saxony, Germany) Practice
A Framework for Structuring Interdisciplinary Research Management Practice
A framework for tool selection and use in integrated assessment for sustainable development Practice
A Fuzzy Multicriteria Mathematical Programming model for planning agricultural regions Practice
A GIS-based screening model for assessing agricultural pressures and impacts on water quality on a European scale Practice
A goal oriented indicator framework to support integrated assessment of new policies for agri-environmental systems Practice
A look in the mirror: reflection on participation in integrated assessment from a methodological perspective Practice
A multicriteria model for planning agricultural regions within a context of groundwater rational management Practice
A Multicriteria Model for the Assessment of Rural Development Plans in Greece Practice
A multicriteria Model to Support Eco-friendly Agricultural Production Planning Practice
A neural network for evaluating environmental impact of decoupling in rural systems Practice
A new European Landscape Classification (LANMAP) – a transparent, flexible and user-oriented methodology to distinguish landscape. Practice
A new executive order for improving federal regulation? Deeper and wider cost-benefit analysis Practice
A new name for the Toolbox: LIAISE KIT Article
A new paradigm for Environmental Assessment (EA) in Korea Practice
A pilot study of the quality of European Commission extended impact assessments Practice
A principle-based approach for the evaluation of sustainable development Practice
A review of multiple criteria analysis for water resource planning and management Practice
A Rural Typology for Strategic European Policies Practice
A social impact assessment of the floodwater spreading project on the Gareh-Bygone plain in Iran: A causal comparative approach Practice
A Spatial Assessment of Ecosystem Services in Europe: Methods, Case Studies and Policy Analysis - Phase 2. Synthesis Report Practice
A Spatially Explicit Scenario-Driven Model of Adaptive Capacity to Global Change in Europe Practice
A statistical analysis of the quality of impact assessment in the European Union Practice
A Technical Framework for Life−cycle Assessment Practice
A Toolbox for Impact Assessment and Sustainability Practice
About the Toolbox Article
Academic or Industrial Research and Development Impact Area
Access to and Effects on Social Protection, Health and Educational Systems Impact Area
Access to education and vocational training Impact Area