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Monitoring and evaluation

Where a preferred option has been identified, you should:

  1. describe briefly how the data needed for monitoring are to be collected
  2. outline the nature, frequency and purpose of subsequent evaluation exercises.

Questions to be addressed include:

  • what will the monitoring data and evaluation findings be used for?
  • to what extent do monitoring/evaluation structures already exist? Does new capacity need to be put in place?
  • is the baseline situation sufficiently well known or will further data collection be necessary once the proposal has been adopted?
  • who are the key actors in providing and using such information? (e.g. the Commission, Member States, intermediaries such as Agencies, operators/beneficiaries, etc.)?
  • in general terms, what will be the roles of these actors? How will information be shared and eventually aggregated?
  • what will be the additional use for gathering this information? If they imply administrative burden which is significant, it should be measured through the Standard Cost Model as part of the IA.

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