Type of practice:

ClimateCost aims to inform policy on a) long-term climate change policy targets, b) the costs of inaction (the economic effects of climate change), and c) the costs and benefits of adaptation.

To advance knowledge on the full economic costs of climate change, the project will:

Identify and develop consistent climate change and socio-economic scenarios;
Quantify in physical terms, and economic costs, the ‘costs of inaction’ for these scenarios, including also costs and benefits of adaptation.
Update the mitigation costs of GHG emission reductions for medium and long-term reduction targets/ stabilisation goals.
Quantify the ancillary air quality benefits of mitigation.
Apply a number of complementary CGM and IAM models to incorporate the information from the tasks above.
Bring all the information above together to provide policy relevant output, including information on physical effects and economic values, and undertake analysis of policy scenarios

Company organisation which conducted the project


Client/Sponsor of the project

(EC) FP7 research project


Year of IA Practice:

2008 to 2011