Effects of High prices on arable farming systems across Europe

Type of practice:

The SEAMLESS framework has been applied to first, using the SeamCAP market model, assess the consequences of considerable supply and demand shifts of agricultural products at the global scale for the market prices of agricultural products in the EU. Second, the bio-economic farm model FSSIM has been used to calculate the effects of the high product prices on the performance of arable farming systems in different regions over Europe.


Van Ittersum, M.K., F. Ewert, T. Heckelei, J. Wery, J. Alkan Olsson, E. Andersen, I. Bezplepkina, F. Brouwer, M. Donatelli, G. Flichman, L. Olsson, A.E. Rizzoli, T. van der Wal, J.E. Wien and J. Wolf, 2008. Integrated assessment of agricultural systems – A component-based framework for the European Union (SEAMLESS). Agricultural Systems 96, 150-165. Ewert, F., M.K. van Ittersum, I. Bezlepkina, O. Therond, E. Andersen, H. Belhouchette, C. Bockstaller, F. Brouwer, T. Heckelei, S. Janssen R. Knapen, M. Kuiper, K. Louhichi, J. Alkan-Olsson, N. Turpin, J. Wery, J-E. Wien, J. Wolf, 2009. A methodology for enhanced flexibility of integrated assessment in agriculture. Environmental Science & Policy 12, 546-561.

Client/Sponsor of the project

SEAMLESS Association; test of SEAMLESS approach



Year of IA Practice:

2010 to 2011