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The 3-year research project (2005-2008) EU-Mercopol, financed by the EU under the 6th framework program, aims at analyzing the competitiveness of Mercosur's key agri-food sectors, comparison of policies and the ex-ante impacts of agricultural trade liberalization between the EU and Merocsur countries.


Weissleder, L., Adenäuer, M., Heckelei, T.:
Impact assessment of trade liberalisation between EU and Mercosur countries
Proceedings of the 107th European Seminar of the EAAE, January 29th - February 1st, Sevilla.

Weissleder, L., Becker, A., Adenäuer, M., Britz, W., Junker, F., Heckelei, T. :
EU-Mercosur impact assessment of trade liberalisation scenarios using the CAPRI modelling system.
EUMercoPol Report No. 21, EU 6th Framework Programme, Contract No. 6516.

Marie-Gabrielle Piketty, Lucie Weißleder, Hildo Meirelles de Souza Filho, Mario Otávio Batalha, Marcel Adenäuer and Arno Becker: Assessing agricultural trade policies options with European Union: A Brazilian perspective , Agricultural Economics , vol. 40 , p. 447-457

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University of Bonn

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European Commission

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2005 to 2008