Impact Assessment of Land Use Policies

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Irina Bezlepkina, Floor Brouwer, Pytrik Reidsma  (2013), Impact Assessment of Land Use Policies. Land Use Policy 37, pp. 1-5. Available online:



This publication is the introduction to a special issue of Land Use Policy, which was built around a series of impact assessments of land use policies and sustainable development in developing countries, carried out in the EU-funded project LUPIS (Sixth framework programme, Global Change and Ecosystems, Contract 36955). The project targeted at the development and testing of impact assessment tools of land-use-related policies in seven developing countries: Brazil, India, China, Indonesia, Kenya, Mali and Tunisia. This issue presents the current understanding of ex-ante assessment and includes contributions with comparative work across several countries, and case studies in individual countries, addressing important land-use related concerns.

List of further articles in the special issue which are co-authored by Pytrik Reidsma:

Patil, S., P. Reidsma, P. Shah, J. Wolf, S. Purushothaman.  2014.  Comparing conventional and organic agriculture in Karnataka, India: Where and when can organic farming be sustainable? Land Use Policy 37, 40-51. Available on-line:

Ma, L., S. Feng, P. Reidsma, F. Qu, N. Heerink. 2014. Identifying entry points to improve fertilizer use efficiency in Taihu Basin, China. Land use Policy 37, 52-59. Available on-line:

Nesheim, I., P. Reidsma, I., Bezlepkina, I., R. Verburg,  M. A. Abdeladhim, M. Bursztyn, L. Chen, S. Feng, P. Gicheru, H. König, N. Novira, S. Purushothaman, S. Rodrigues-Filho, M. Sghaier. 2014. Causal chains, policy trade offs and sustainability: Analysing land (mis)use in seven countries in the South. Land Use Policy 37, 60-70. Available on-line:

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