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The SUSMETRO Impact Assessment tool provides information on the expected effects of spatial planning with regard to the self-supportive capacities of the region (ecological footprint) and the share of recreational and nature conservation facilities (land use functions), offering cost-benefit calculations regarding the expected economic revenues. The whole process is embedded in a Landscape Character Assessment process and guided by Knowledge Brokerage procedures to strengthen the science-policy interface. Using the format of a 'serious game', stakeholders can choose between a mix of agriculture in which more intensive and more multifunctional agriculture both have a place. The SUSMETRO game is implemented in the Excel and ESRI ArcGIS software. The ArcGIS software is used to display maps, to draw sketches and to compute the areas of the current and the new Land Use Functions (LUF). The user-interface is a digital Maptable which allows users to directly draw on the screen and to immediately retrieve results of the impact assessments for each of their design proposals.


Dirk M Wascher, Herman Agricola, Bas Breman and Barbara J. Anderson, 2009: Innovation Characteristics for
Sustainable Metropolitan Agriculture - Spatial-Functional Perspectives for TransForum Innovative Projects, SUSMETRO Project Report Phase 1, 59 pages

Dirk Wascher, Janneke Roos-Klein Lankhorst, Herman Agricola and Arjan de Jong, 2011: SUSMETRO
Impact Assessment Tools for Food Planning in Metropolitan Regions - IA Tools and Serious Gaming in Support of Sustainability Targets for
Food Planning, Nature Conservation and Recreation - Project Report Phase 2, Wageningen, 68 pages

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TransForumProvince of South Holland

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2008 to 2010