Sustainability Advanced-Test (A-Test)

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SustainabilityA-Test took stock of and evaluated tools that can be used for carrying out (parts of) assessments. It provided an overview of tools and of the issues that can be addressed with them. In addition, SustainabilityA-Test analysed what assessment questions could be asked when one wishes to address the various aspects that are relevant when assessing in light of sustainable development. Lastly, SustainabilityA-Test developed a handbook that brings together the outcome of both tasks. This handbook was designed to help those ‘on the verge of carrying out an assessment’ with formulating assessment questions and finding the most suitable tools to answer these.


de Ridder, W.; Turnpenny, J.; Nilsson, M.; von Raggamby, A. (2007) A framework for tool selection and use in integrated assessment for sustainable development. Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management 9 (4), pp. 423-441

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