Sustainability of European Irrigated Agriculture under Water Framework Directive and Agenda 2000 (WADI)

Type of practice:

The project objective is to analyse the sustainability of irrigated agriculture in Europe in the context of post Agenda 2000 CAP Reform and of the Water Framework Directive. Sustainability must be understood in its three dimensions: economic impact (farm income), social impact (direct labour and rural development) and environmental impact (water consumption, fertiliser). Both institutions make necessary a broad analysis to the future or European irrigated agriculture. Nowadays these irrigated agriculture system need to be re-evaluated in term of sustainability, instead of the old profitability conception, taken into account, its multi-functional dimension. We will combine qualitative and quantitative analysis, and will implement a diffusion and discussion forum based upon internet technologies from the very starting point of project and using as much as possible FADN data and reviewing publication.


B. Manos, Th. Bournaris, Mohd. Kamruzzaman, A. A. Begum and J. Papathanasiou, ‘The regional impact of irrigation water pricing in Greece under alternative scenarios of European policy: a multicriteria analysis’, Regional Studies, Volume 40, Issue 9, 1055-1068 (2006)48. B. Manos, J. Papathanasiou, Th. Bournaris, A. Paparrizou, G. Arabatzis ‘Simulation of impacts of irrigated agriculture on income, employment and environment’, Operational Research-An international Journal, Volume 9, Number 3 / November, 2009

Company organisation which conducted the project

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Client/Sponsor of the project

European Commission, (5th Framework Programme)

Year of IA Practice:

2001 to 2004